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My roses are having a final fling before Autumn really sets in. I’m proud of them! So much so, that I’ve presented them in a vase, after all, that’s where birthday goodies go! Oh, yes, the wheel has turned another annum. Oh well, as long as I have my roses in the garden, I can’t ask for more (that’s probably a euphemism which I quit like, so I’ll keep it in! Teehee, snort.)




A fine, fiery farewell to summer in our little garden folks. Enjoy the heat and rather ‘appley’ looking bits. (I’m pretending not to see the black spot, dam it!)



Our Peggy……


There’s something nostalgic and cozy about our little Peggy. I bought her in a shop in Bridport, Dorset when our Sausage was tiny. She’s made of felt and old blankets and a little research on Pinterest discovered her maker as a Dorset Gal, Annie Montgomery. Her charming, long arms are just right to cuddle and caress a little one. She has a particular penchant for tickling the paws of Bertie and Buttons when they’re asleep! Unlike other dolls, she is soft, cuddly and has a unique dress sense all of her own. Barbie’s and Cindy’s are so unreal when comparing our Peggy’s vibrant and creative interests! Tee Hee…….

Cock a doodle dooooiiiiiitttttttt!

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Well, this could be the first rant from me! More like a meandering and blithering use of words to try and unravel what it is that makes me feel so straight jacketed. I have just been over to the wonderful … Continue reading

Fructose free Me!

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  I must be careful how I pronounce this ‘F’ word, for which I have chosen the ’00’ version (for reasons I will not lower myself to explain!).  After reading Kathleen DesMaisons, Sarah Wilson and David Gilllespe’s reports about the … Continue reading

Colour me!

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ALL work, no play (blog), is making me a dull and neglected life force!  I need colour and have noticed recently (takes me some time to see the penny drop), that I am neglecting the things that matter most and concentrasting on helping others’ build their dreamboats, while mine remains firmly moored up in ‘destination denied’ dock.  I have clearing bitten off more than I can chew and am in need of a refreshment to swallow down the daily grind.  My blog has revealed to me (like a little beastie all of its own) that clearly my lack of posting (which keeps me chirpy) has declined to almost a halt!  UHOH, not good, halting is procrastination and generally seizing up of creativity.  So, after a little chat with myself, I’ve decided to drop a few commitments and concentrate on what’s necessary for the happy life boat to proceed.  I’m in need of baking, knitting, sitting in the garden reading for half and hour and generally tidying the clutter and dust from my usually happy and quirky home.  I would say, if such a word existed, it has all gone quonky and knotted up.  It’s Summer Solstice this Friday and I think the sun has highlighted my demise!  I’m not a wise one but I know when I need to take heed of my inner voice and say politely to the voices at the door telling me I need to join the rat race and fast and now, or I’ll be missing out on everything: “Not today thank you, I have my own lights to follow.  Now off you go!” (Or words to that effect!)  Colours make my life tick, not dull and monotous, predicatable greys……

Beautiful shadows, beautiful words……

Beautiful shadows, beautiful words……

“Every man carries with him through life a mirror, as unique and impossible to get rid of as his shadow.” The Dyer’s Hand’, W.H.Auden. “Pulvis et umbra sumus”. (“We are but dust and shadow“). ‘The Odes of Horace’, Horace. “What would … Continue reading